DCIS at Fairmont is a learning community rooted in core values that lay the groundwork for success and reflect wide-ranging perspectives. Our community believes in:


We respect everyone, everywhere.


With courage and strength, we see things through.


We believe joy is a choice. We bring out the best in ourselves and others.


Integrity is everything. It’s who we are.

We are DCIS at Fairmont!

We adhere to these values in everything we do and set clear expectations for all students. These expectations are summarized in a behavior matrix that is available here.

PBIS Committee Report-Out:  Instead of what seemed to be an inequitable student ambassador selection, we have delayed the start of ambassador shirts as rewards this school year. Our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) team is working hard to find a way to make the ambassador incentive both equitable and motivating for our students. When a new plan is in place, we will communicate this to students and families. Thank you for your patience in ensuring we are serving all students equitably.


Reporte del Comité de Intervención y Apoyo de Comportamiento Positivo: En vez de lo que parecía un proceso de selección injusto para embajadores, hemos pospuesto el inicio de las camisas de los embajadores como recompensa durante este año escolar.  Nuestro equipo de Intervención y Apoyo de Comportamiento Positivo  está trabajando duro para encontrar una manera de hacer el incentivo de embajadores equitativo y motivador para nuestros estudiantes.  Cuando tenemos un plan nuevo, vamos a comunicarlo a los estudiantes y familias.  Gracias por su paciencia en asegurar que servimos a todos los estudiantes de manera equitativo.