Student Choice

This program exposes students to a variety of global issues with guest speakers.
From September to October and January to March, we offer a series of student choice learning opportunities known to the students as Brown Bag Lunches. Each week, students from Kindergarten through 5th grade may sign up to have lunch with an “expert” in any one of a variety of areas. Students will eat lunch in the library and have the opportunity to interact with guest speakers ranging from community volunteers to parents to teachers.

Global Villages

From October to December and during April and May, DCIS at Fairmont offers Global Villages on Wednesday afternoons. During Global Villages, small multi-age (K-5) groups of up to 15 students come together to explore a specific topic of interest.

All teachers in the building will offer a Global Village topic that will be of interest to students either because they have a passion for the topic or because they don’t know much about the topic and would like to learn more. Students get a menu of Global Village offerings and indicate three that they would find interesting. They are placed in one of their three choices with an effort made to balance the groupings by gender and grade level.

Once the teacher introduces the topic, it becomes the students’ collective responsibility to identify what exactly it is that they would like to learn about with the teacher acting as a facilitator. At the end of each Global Village, each group puts together a presentation to share their learning during a Global Village Celebration of Learning! Parents and community members are welcome to come to the Celebration of Learning.

Learning Trips

These field trips support our focus on international studies as well as our curriculum. They will be scheduled whenever possible. Excursions will be more easily accomplished for certain topics, but we will always be researching opportunities real world learning opportunities for our students! We will make use of school buses, as well as public transportation (RTD), and whenever possible, we will take students on walking field trips because we understand that discovering the world begins by discovering their community.

Overnight Trips

As we prepare students to be globally competent citizens, we understand the importance of traveling and learning from the world around us. The opportunity to travel is highly encouraged by our partner school DCIS on 6th Avenue. As an elementary school, we want our students to be comfortable leaving home to learn for one to two night trips. We are planning local overnight learning opportunities for students in grades kindergarten through grade 5.

Early Risers Before School Program
& Discovery Link After School Program

Staff members will be on hand during registration to answer questions and sign your children up for either program. We need at least 20 students in the before school program in order to offer it this school year. There are still plenty of spots available in the after school program. Cost is $50 per semester and scholarships are available.