The School Accountability Committee (SAC) will assume the role of the CSC and the SLT for DCIS Fairmont.

SAC: Teachers will have the opportunity to elect two teacher representatives to the SAC, classified staff will have the opportunity to elect one member to the SAC, and the school principal (or her designee) will serve as the administrative representative to the SAC.

Membership terms will be staggered so that there is continuity on the SAC from one year to the next. The SAC must also include at least three parents and one community representative The school principal will have discretion in adding positions to the SAC but will ensure that at least half of all SAC members are employees of the school.

The SAC will have the following responsibilities: approving Unified improvement plans (UIPs), recommending final candidates for the principal position (when a vacancy exists), approving the school’s annual budget, participate in the principal’s annual performance evaluation. In addition the SAC will advise on the school’s master calendar and schedule and make recommendations regarding the school’s curriculum and instruction, culture and behavior, and services for special populations and use of school facilities.  All official decisions of the SAC must be made in a publicly accessible hearing.

November 8th Meeting

Thank you for attending our first meeting on November 8th. It was great to welcome our new members and talk about why we are committed to serving our school on the committee. Below is the agenda that we followed. Thank you to Heidi George who has offered to be our SAC Chair for this year! If you are interested in being our secretary or timekeeper, please reach out. Thanks!

Querido comité SAC,

Gracias por asistir nuestra primera junta el 8 de noviembre. Fue una gran oportunidad para darle la bienvenida a nuestros nuevos miembros y tener el tiempo para discutir nuestro servicio para la escuela. Abajo encontrará la agenda que seguimos durante la reunión. Gracias a Heidi George quien se ofreció para presidente del comité SAC. Si usted esta interesado en ser nuestra secretaria o apuntador de tiempo por favor contáctame. Gracias.

SAC Agenda

1.      Introductions / Introduciones
2.      What does the SAC Committee Do? / ¿Qué hace el comité SAC?
3.      When will we meet? / ¿Cuándo tendremos juntas?
4.      What will we discuss at our next meeting? / ¿Qué discutiremos durante nuestra próxima junta?
a.      UIP- Unified Improvement Plan / El plan de mejoramiento unido
b.      Budget for Next Year / El presupuesto para el próximo año
c.      Hiring / El proceso para contratar para el próximo año.
5.      Questions / Preguntas


SAC Committee Roles/ Oficios para el Comité SAC

SAC Chair/ Presidente de SAC
•       Collaborates with principal to finalize agenda / Colabora con la directora para finalizar la agenda.
•       Co-facilitates SAC Meeting / Ayuda con la facilitación de las reuniones SAC

Secretary/ Secretaria
•       Takes minutes of every meeting /Toma minutos durante cada junta
•       Translates or finds someone to translate minutes / Traduce o encuentra a una persona para traducer las notas.
•       Posts minutes for parents in front office and coordinates for them to be sent home in Thursday folders. / Publica minutos para los padres en la oficina y coordina para que sean enviados a casa en las carpetas del jueves.

Timekeeper/ Apuntador/a de tiempo
•       Keeps time for meeting to ensure that SAC starts and ends on time. / Mantiene tiempo para la reunión para asegurar que SAC comience y termine a tiempo.

New meeting times / Nuevas fechas para las reuniones
2nd Thursday of the Month / 2do jueves del mes
Later time would be more beneficial (4:45-6:15pm) / Horario mas tarde seria mejor (4:45-6:15pm)


December 15th/ 15 de diciembre  4:45-6:15pm
January 12th / 12 de enero   4:45-6:15pm
February 9th / 9 de febrero 4:45-6:15pm
March 9th / 9 de marzo  4:45-6:15pm
April 13th / 13 de abril  4:45-6:15pm
May 11th / 11 de mayo  4:45-6:15pm