School Hours: 8:25-3:45

DCIS at Fairmont 19-20 Calendar

Breakfast in the classroom: All students at DCIS are offered breakfast in the classroom. When students are dropped off at 8:25, students are offered a meal in their classroom and complete some morning work. This is free to all students regardless of free or reduced lunch status.


Drop off/Pick up: Students will be dropped off and picked up in the back courtyard and playground area of DCIS at Fairmont. They will either line up at their teacher’s outside classroom door, or meet their teacher in their designated area. Any student who arrives after 8:35 will need to go in the main entrance and sign in. Gates to the back field will be locked between 9-3:30 daily. Pick up will happen at the same place as drop off.


Kiss and Go: For parents who would prefer to just drop students off instead of parking, there is a roundabout at the front of the school. During both drop off and pick up, parents can pull through the roundabout, drop their student off, and continue moving through the roundabout. There is no parking in the Kiss & Go so we can ensure smooth movement and the safety of our students crossing the street and walking around the school.


Parking Lot: Unfortunately our parking lot at DCIS at Fairmont is barely big enough to accommodate our school staff. The parking lot is closed off from 8-8:30, and again from 3:15-4. This is to ensure the safety of our students and their families as they walk through the school and back home for the day.


Safety & Security Policies: We value ensuring that our students are safe at all times at DCIS at Fairmont. In order to ensure this safety, we need to make sure that all adults who are in the building are identified and checked in. Gates to the back playground area will stayed locked between 9-3:30. Any adult who would like to be in the building between 8:25-3:45 will need to enter through the main office, check in, and leave identification. This will help us keep all of our students safe.


School Uniforms: DCIS is a uniform school. We sell many options for students to wear as tops: DCIS at Fairmont shirts (yellow, green, red, blue, purple, and grey), DCIS at Fairmont Hoodies (black), and DCIS at Fairmont long sleeve shirts (green, blue, and red). Students may also receive a DCIS Fun Run shirt or ambassador shirt that they can wear as a uniform. Students may wear anything on the bottom, and close toed shoes.


Attendance Policy: In order for students to be the most successful, they need to be at school everyday. If your student needs to leave school early or is absent for the day, please call the front office at 720.424.7620. Please bring any documentation for appointments in order for the absence or tardy to be excused.