Classroom Curriculum

Math: EngageNY 

Literacy: We engage in standards based teaching and learning, with Lucy Calking Reading and Writing and Expeditionary Learning curriculums as resources.

Social & Emotional

PBIS: At DCIS at Fairmont we strive to recognize and celebrate students for making positive choices. Our mosaic is a large symbol of our PBIS system. A mosaic is not complete without every piece of its puzzle. As students work hard to show our core values of Respect, Perseverance, Integrity, and Joy throughout the day, they have opportunities to earn stamps that highlight each value. A stamp is like a ticket, or a way to recognize students. Students contribute their stamps to their classroom. Once the class gets 10 stamps, they get a mosaic piece to fill their classroom mosaic. When the class earns enough mosaic pieces to fill their mosaic, the class gets to vote on a reward (Pajama day, hot chocolate party, extra recess). This builds on the idea that as a individual, I can contribute to a bigger whole (my classroom and school). Students also get recognized daily for being blue diplomats, or positive role models for their classmates and their school

Breathing: We are a school focused on breathing and mindfulness. Our very own Physical Education teacher published a book on Breathing, called Breathe With Me. We use this book school wide to incorporate breathing activities and mindful moments throughout the day and as a strategy for students to deal with emotions.

Ride the Waves: Riding the Waves is a developmentally appropriate curriculum for 5th grade students and is designed to be taught by Mental Health Professionals within the school setting. At DCIS at Fairmont, Sherri Slaymaker, Psychologist and Amanda Brinton, Social Worker, are teaching the curriculum to each 5th grade class with the classroom teacher present in five 45-minute sessions. Lessons address healthy emotional development, depression and anxiety. The goal of the Riding the Waves curriculum is to build emotional skills within children, to build coping skills to deal with typical stressors, and to encourage students to seek help when they are concerned about the emotional wellbeing of peers, loved ones or themselves. Early adolescence is a time of stress relating to school, friends and family as young adults transition to Middle School. Riding the Waves teaches our students social, coping and life skills that can be used now and in their future.



Art: In art students learn about expressing themselves through different mediums. They draw, paint, build, and construct different forms of art. Students investigate artists from around the world and talk about how artists were influenced by the time and their surrounding. A group of our 5th graders also get the opportunity to paint the pianos found on the 16th street mall every Fall. Some of the projects completed in art are: paper mâché, African masks, self portraits, animal advocacy art,


PE: In PE students don’t just learn about how to play sports, they engage in conversations around the human body, healthy habits, emotions and mindfulness, and learn Yoga. Students also learn cooperation and teamwork through learning how to play baseball, basketball, obstacle courses, and hockey. Students engage in specialty experiences such as trampoline workouts, yoga, and meditation. In 3rd grade, every student receives swimming lessons for free during their PE time through a partnership with La Familia Recreation Center.


Music: In Music students have hands on experiences learning how to play instruments during each class session. Students play drums, rhythm tubes, and even ukuleles! Students learn how to hear rhythm and beats, and learn how to read music. Students also prepare for their music festival to showcase the work they have done. Students in K-2 participate in Winterfest, where they celebrate the winter and the different winter holidays through music. Students in 3-5 participate in World Music Festival, where they celebrate cultures from around the world through music.