What does it mean to be an international studies school?

Denver Center for International Studies schools strive to develop college and career ready, globally competent high school, middle school, and elementary school graduates. We believe that global competency is acquired by looking at topics through the four domains of global learning. These domains are: Investigate the World, Communicate Ideas, Recognize and Weigh Perspectives, and Take Action. At DCIS at Fairmont, our teachers participate in personalized and differentiated professional developments that look at how to infuse the four domains of global learning into our every day teaching. We strive to connect every lesson to one or more of the four domains, so that students will go into middle and high school with a solid background on what it means to develop global competency. We also strive to provide travel opportunities (overnights and field trips), after school programs (PeaceJam), and unique school curriculum (World Languages, Global Themes, Country studies) to develop global competency within our students through the lens of the four domains.

Global Themes/Service Projects

In order to make a change in the world, we believe that students and teachers alike must be able to have time to investigate social justice issues that they are passionate about, and desire to take action on. Each grade level at DCIS at Fairmont has a global theme that they are focused on. This theme is something they engage with and learn about throughout the year.

Each grade is also paired with a nonprofit organization that relates to their theme. The students get to know the organization and its cause while learning about their theme.  At the end of the year each student participates in service project to support the efforts of the organization they are paired with, and to take action to make their world a better place. This is where students begin to understand that they are change makers, and can lead their world and community.

The grade level themes are: ECE3: Kindness – – Broadway Church/New Genesis Shelter; ECE 4: Caring for Animals — Freedom Service Dogs; Kinder: Health/Wellness – – Project Angel Heart; First Grade: Generations – – Bessie’s Hope; Second Grade: Water – – RMWEA;  Third Grade: Nobel Laureates and their Causes – – PeaceJam; Fourth Grade: Refugees – – African Community Center; Fifth Grade: Human Rights – – Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

Temas Globales/Proyectos de Servicio

Para hacer cambios en el mundo, creemos que los estudiantes junto con los maestros necesitan tener el tiempo para investigar asuntos de justicia social que les motivan.  Cada grado en DCIS en Fairmont tiene un tema global para enfocar.  Este tema es algo que usan para aprender e investigar durante todo el año.

Cada grado trabajo con una organización sin fines lucrativos que relaciona con su tema.  Los estudiantes conocen la organización y sus metas mientras aprenden sobre el tema.  Al fin del año cada estudiante participa en un proyecto de servicio para apoyar los esfuerzos de la organización y para poder tomar acción para mejorar el mundo.  Aquí es donde los estudiantes empiezan a entender con son ellos que puedan hacer cambios en el mundo y que puedan ser líderes en su comunidad y el mundo.

Los temas para cada grado son: ECE 3: Amabilidad—La Iglesia de Broadway/el Abrigo de Génesis Nuevo; ECE: Cuidar a los Animales – Perros de la Libertad/Servicio; Kínder: La Salud y el Bienestar – El Proyecto del Corazón del Ángel; Primer Grado: Generaciones – La Esperanza de Bessie; Segundo Grado: Agua—RMWEA;  Tercer Grado: Ganadores del Premio Nobel y sus Causas – PeaceJam; Cuarto Grado: Refugiados – El Centro de Comunidad Africana; Quinto Grado: Derechos Humanos – Abogados Especiales Nombrados por los Cortes (CASA).

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Brown Bag Lunches

Brown bag lunches are a chance for students to authentically investigate hobbies, professional careers, and topics of interest to further learn about the world around them. Brown bag lunches happen during lunch, bi-monthly, for all grades. Students opt-in to participating in a brown bag lunch. They bring their lunch to the auditorium, listen and participate in a hands on lesson or experience, and then enjoy their last 15 minutes of play time. Students report on the experience back to their class. Some examples of our previous brown bag lunches are: Uncovering the Titanic, Dinosaurs and Fossils, Denver Dumb Friends League, Brain Games: Alzheimer’s Association, Star Wars in Your Backyard, MLK’s Message, Songs of Selma, Ventriloquism and Puppet Workshop, Earth Day, Titanic Shuffleboard, Japan in the Schools, Titanic Shuffleboard, Recycling, and many more!

Overnights at DCIS at Fairmont

Overnight field trips at DCIS at Fairmont are designed to be an integral part of the education students receive. Part of our mission is to instill the confidence and skills to create students who are eager to explore, learn, and change the world around them. It is our belief that student travel is a big part of how we can provide opportunities for our students, and develop their desire to learn from the world around them. In addition, students who go on to attend DCIS at Baker will have many opportunities to travel internationally. By participating in overnights, DCIS at Fairmont students and parents will start to get a feeling of what it is like to spend time away from home.  Overnight field trips are not mandatory, but are highly encouraged.

  • Due Dates for Payment:When you receive the initial lettering detailing dates, locations, and costs of overnights, there will be a payment due date which will vary by grade level. This due date is determined by the dates in which we have to provide payment to the companies that host us. If payment is received after the due date, we cannot guarantee that your child will be able to participate. In addition, we cannot guarantee a refund after the due date if a student decides not to attend.
  • Scholarship support: Every year we strive to provide scholarship support for students. We truly believe in providing all of our students with the opportunity to go on overnight trips. Scholarships are given out on a first come, highest needs basis, so please contact Meg Zimmerman ASAP if you need scholarship support. The sooner we know, the more likely it is we can help.
  • Payment Plans:Families who would like to pay on a payment plan, are also encouraged to do so. Payment plans must be paid in full by Field Day (end of May) in order for students to participate.
  • Chaperones:4 chaperones per classroom will be selected to go on the field trip. If more than 4 parents are interested, there will be a randomized lottery to determine which parents will go. Chaperones will be chosen in early January. Chaperones must pass a background check in order to participate on the overnight.

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