At DCIS at Fairmont, our curriculum is focused on international studies and helping our students develop a global perspective. This isn’t just about learning a second language or studying other countries. Global perspective is also about connecting with neighbors and fellow students. Our innovative curriculum links the classroom to the world and empowers students to become active citizens who are engaged in their local communities and around the world.

DCIS at Fairmont students who successfully complete our program receive preferred acceptance into the 6th grade at Denver Center for International Studies on Sixth Avenue where they will have the opportunity to continue a clear, focused and rigorous education through 12th grade.

While DCIS at Fairmont student learn core subjects including reading, writing, math and science, they also experience world languages, arts, technology, clubs, and travel opportunities. The core curriculum is based on the “Four Domains of Global Leadership.

  • Investigate the World: Students frame questions, analyze and synthesize relevant evidence, and draw reasonable conclusions about globally focused issues.
  • Recognize and Weigh Perspectives: Students recognize, articulate, and apply an under- standing of different perspectives (including their own).
  • Communicate Ideas: Students select and apply appropriate tools and strategies to communicate and collaborate effectively, meeting the needs and expectations of diverse individuals and groups.
  • Take Action: Students translate their ideas, concerns, and findings into appropriate and responsible individual or collaborative actions to help improve conditions.