Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission in action


Our mission is to bring our students into relationship with themselves, their community and their world.  We guide our students to unite across differences, honor multiple perspectives, and to see within themselves the changes they hope to see in their world.  We make this mission come to life through student agency, dialogue, cooperative learning and authentic, community-based learning experiences.


Our vision is a community of curious and empathetic learners with a deep understanding of the world, their role in it, and their own power to make a difference.

Core Values

We embrace every experience with Respect, Perseverance, Integrity, and Joy.

Respect – We act to honor ourselves and others.

Perseverance – With commitment and courage, we see things through.

Joy – We believe in shining our light and giving others permission to shine theirs.

Integrity – We are authentic and true to our values.

Learning to Be – The Five BE’s

Be Accepting…
We treat ourselves and others with love and kindness.

Be Mindful…
We are aware of ourselves, others, and our surroundings

Be Brave…
We take risks to better ourselves and our community. 

Believe in Yourself…
We believe in ourselves and our ability to grow.

Be Accountable…
We take responsibility for ourselves, our impact on others, and our learning.