Parent Administrator Coffee

ELA Parent Advisory at DCIS at Fairmont

Coffee with the Principal

Every month our administration offers opportunities to connect with our school leadership about issues that impact our students and families, such as curriculum choices, social-emotional support systems, and school performance.  All are welcome.  Please join us!  See Calendar Here.

ELA Parent Advisory Committee (ELA-PAC)

Every couple of months we offer an opportunity to meet and collaborate with our families of students whose first language isn’t English. This is a very important time to talk about culture, programming, school data and more. Please join us!  See Calendar Here.

What is ELA-PAC?  ELA-PAC is the organization in charge of communication between parents and the school regarding English Language Acquisition programming. All ELA Program schools must have an ELA-PAC, according to a court-ordered consent decree and we are one of those schools.

What are the responsibilities of ELA-PACs?  The legally-mandated responsibilities of ELA-PACs are to:

There is also a district-level committee for communication about ELA (called the ELA District Advisory Committee, or ELA-DAC). See information here.

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

SAC is another way for family members to get involved on the school level. DCIS @ Fairmont incorporates teachers and parents into one decision-making governing body, the School Accountability Committee (SAC). See more information here. 

Parent Teacher Association

Also check out how to get involved in our PTA!  See more information here.