Why DCIS at Fairmont?

Dual Language Immersion Elementary School

Welcome Note From DCIS at Fairmont Principal, Alex Wenzel

Thank you for considering an international education at DCIS at Fairmont. I want you to know that I don’t just lead this school.  I am a parent first, with my children enrolled here in our dual language immersion program. Long before dreaming that I would be the Principal, I searched for a school that matched my values and hopes for my children. I didn’t just want them to ‘do school’. I wanted them to have experiences that help them grow as humans as part of an interconnected and diverse world.  I hoped that their education would support the building of a more socially just, inclusive and sustainable world.  And that is just what I’ve found and continue to foster now as the school’s principal.

I hope you consider joining us in building a truly unique educational experience here in the heart of Denver.


What makes DCIS at Fairmont unique?

International and Real World Focus
Dual Language Immersion
Interactive, Hands-On Specials
Celebration of Differences