Global Studies

What does it mean to be an international studies school?

Denver Center for International Studies schools strive to develop college and career ready, globally competent high school, middle school, and elementary school graduates. We believe that global competency is acquired by:

Global Themes/Service Projects

In order to make a change in the world, we believe that students and teachers alike must be able to have time to investigate social justice issues that they are passionate about, and desire to take action on. Each grade level at DCIS at Fairmont has a global theme that they are focused on. This theme is something they engage with and learn about throughout the year.

Each grade is also paired with a nonprofit organization that relates to their theme. The students get to know the organization and its cause while learning about their theme.  At the end of the year each student participates in service project to support the efforts of the organization they are paired with, and to take action to make their world a better place. This is where students begin to understand that they are change makers, and can lead their world and community.

The grade level themes are:

Brown Bag Lunches

Brown bag lunches are a chance for students to authentically investigate hobbies, professional careers, and topics of interest to further learn about the world around them.

Brown bag lunches:

Overnights at DCIS at Fairmont

Overnight field trips at DCIS at Fairmont