Curriculum & Learning

Classroom Curriculum

Four Domains of Global Learning

  1. Investigate the World: We explore the world by asking questions, gathering and examining evidence and using what we learned to draw conclusions.
  2. Communicate Ideas: We select and apply different ways to communicate our ideas and collaborate with the world.
  3. Recognize and Weigh Perspectives: We recognize and seek to understand different ways of thinking.
  4. Take Action: We translate our ideas, concerns, and findings into ways to improve the world.

Grade Level Global Themes/Issues

Social & Emotional

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports): At DCIS at Fairmont we strive to recognize and celebrate students for making positive choices. Our mosaic is a large symbol of our PBIS system. A mosaic is not complete without every piece of its puzzle. Our PBIS Systems strive to build on the idea that as an individual I contribute to our classroom, and as a classroom we contribute to our school community. 

Breathing: We are a school focused on breathing and mindfulness, and talking about our emotions. Our very own Physical Education teacher published a book on Breathing, called Breathe With Me. We use this book school wide to incorporate breathing activities and mindful moments throughout the day and as a strategy for students to deal with emotions.