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DCIS at Fairmont is a dual language immersion option elementary school located in the heart of Baker focused on growing the academic, social-emotional, and global perspectives of our students. We serve students in ECE-3 through 5th grade in both English and Spanish. We value diversity, multiculturalism, multilingualism, and mindfulness. With a focus on international studies, local travel, and service learning, DCIS at Fairmont strives to provide students with the skills and mindsets needed to lead in their community and to follow their passions.


Week of May 13/ Semana del 13 de mayo

Summary/ Introduction Resumen/ Introducción This week at DCIS at Fairmont we had two amazing events! Mr. Warring and our 3rd-5th graders put on another amazing World Music Festival, and the entire school contributed to turning Ms. V’s art room intoContinue Reading

Week of May 6th/ Semana del 6 de Mayo

Summary/Introduction: Resumen/Introducción: This week at DCIS at Fairmont we had another awesome overnight! Our 2nd graders went to Schweiger Ranch, visited the Colorado Ballet, and spent the night in our very own school! We had a ton of fun. AlsoContinue Reading

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Last Day of School Early Dismissal / Último Día de Escuela Salida Temprana

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